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Introduction to Arduino and DC Circuits

Last Update: 10/28/2018

Part II: Environmental Monitoring with Arduino

YouTube playlist with introduction here

Parts list for following chapters here (in development)

Code included in chapter description where applicable.

Chapter 1: Arduino for Environmental Monitoring - Introduction

Chapter 2: Arduino - Flow Detector

Summarizes how to use an Arduino to detect presence of water or flow

Flow detector Sketch

Chapter 3: Arduino - Datalogging

Summarizes how to use an Arduino to log environmental data to an SD card

Datalogging sketch

Chapter 4: IOT - Introduction

Summarizes how to set up an Adafruit FONA to talk to Thingspeak

FONA_BarebonesLCD_rev1 sketch

Field test data

Chapter 4: Flow Induced Photo Demo

Summarizes how to set up an Arduino to sense flow and take a photo

snapShotClip sketch

Sample Photo

Chapter 5: Air Quality Monitoring at LAX

Took a break from Hydrology to monitor air quality data at LAX



Sensor Manual

Chapter 6: Solar Powered REM

Demonstrates build for solar powered enclosure for FONA

Electronics baseplate template

Chapter 7: INA219 Arduino Datalogger

INA219 Arduino Datalogger


Chapter 8: Field Worth Water Sensor/ H2O Stage Detector

Arduino and Processing sketch for use with a hardened water sensor for field deployments. The use of PVC to elevate the sensor above ground also helps you determine when a certain stage has been triggered.


Chapter 9: Using an Arduino with a Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

Demonstrates how to integrate an Arduino with a tipping bucket rain gauge to include a remedy for filtering out noise in the reed switch. In this example, I use an Adafruit ProTrinket, but this can be done with any variant of an Arduino (i.e. Arduino UNO)